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For SportsEngine Project Management Use Only

Below are the steps to creating a new USL Academy website. 


SportsEngine will provide USL Academy teams with technology services as follows:



USL Academy Clubs will be responsible for their one-time setup of $750.00 as well as the  $595.00 annual maintenance cost of their website solution on SportsEngine.

This fee includes:

  • Customized (Elite level) background graphic involving Sport Ngin design team and a full creative process including a homepage mockup, with one (1) round of revisions.
  • NOTE: Client can opt to utilize the USL Academy default background graphic, customized to team colors. Reference Test Site below for default display.
  • Home page content template, including USL Academy owned inventory of one (1) right rail box ad (300 x 250) placed above the fold.
  • Shared Content: News feed will be shared from the USL website, allowing up to date team information to be displayed on the team website as it is input on the league website.
  • Registration: Player Registration is managed and operated on the Sport Ngin system through the League Website and USL Offices. You can reference the sessions and reports here:
  • Teams are able to utilize our Registration system for their own monetary or non-monetary needs, separate from the league registration.
  • Training: single one-hour webinar training session (route these through John Kelsey)
  • Content Migration: Up to 5 hours. **These hours are allocated from an overage on the USL team site migrations, so the hours put in need to be tracked against their budget . Greta will handle. Please just ensure SF case is accurate. 



SportsEngine can offer the following for additional cost to the specific team, but these services must be identified in the accepted order or outlined in a signed SOW, and detailed in the submitted Sitebuilder case:

  • Content Migration
  • League (some USL Academy teams own Youth organizations)
  • Additional Training
  • Additional custom page elements, functionality




This is used to demonstrate the default background graphic, the templated navigation and header styling, sponsor placements, available advertising inventory, and a suggested home page layout. **This is built as a tool for sales demonstrations, training, and an onboarding reference point.


Include the following details for the designer:

  • Official Team Name, as they want it to appear in header (i.e. Rio Grande Valley FC Toros vs. RGV FC Toros)
  • Official Team Logo
  • Primary & secondary colors
  • Background graphic details. If client selects default, simply list colors. If customizable background is selected, client should fill out Elite level design form.
  • Content will not be a part of the mockup, so no need to clarify additional details listed above.

Content Migration

  • Should a client opt for content migration, the following directions should be included with your audit and case (NOTE: you’ll need to complete the Site Shell Prep steps below prior to assigning the content case.)
  • Do not bring over any Team related info, with the exception of roster profiles. All schedules, stats, standings, roster listing, etc will be mirrored from the PDL league site. If the team site offers detailed roster profiles, create those as general pages beneath the mirrored team page.
  • All news articles should be brought over to the “News” page and tagged there.
  • Home page content should be brought over within the template there. Try not to deviate too much from the layout provided.
  • Tag Greta in case for assignment.

Site Shell Prep

  • In CORE
    • Connect the League 2 team site to the League 2 league site for content sharing.
    • Connect the League 2 team site to the USL Corporate site for content sharing. Make USL Corporate the sponsor.
  • Navigate to
    • Find the team page and mirror page to your site shell. Rename the page “Club.”
    • Find the Game Schedule tab and create a Game Highlight widget for Next Game.
    • Find the Twitter embed code toward the bottom of the team page and copy to your clipboard.
    • Navigate to the PDL Assets page here,, and find the section labeled “PDL Team Site Content.” Add the box ad placement to your mirrors.
    • Copy the Twitter embed code
  • Navigate to your PDL team site shell Admin Control Panel : Add the content template “PDL Team Home Page” to your home page. Unlink and customize with the following items:
    • Place the mirrored single photo element from the league site.
    • Place the Next Game widget from the league site.
    • Paste the Twitter embed code.
  • Create the Following pages:
    • Create a “News” page within the top nav and add an aggregator tagged to “News.”
    • Create a subpage beneath News titled “League 2 News” and add an aggregator tagged to “League 2 News” and the team page from the League 2 site.
    • Create a News Archive page beneath “News” and add the News Collector.
    • Be sure the home page is marked as taggable.
    • Create an “Assets” page, set to public, beneath the home page. Top the page with a “do not delete this page” text block for the client. The FED team will build out the assets needed here.
  • News Articles, tagging setup
    • The News slideshow on the Homepage should be tagged to “home.”
    • The “Latest Team News” aggregator should be tagged to “News”
    • The “League 2 News” aggregator should be tagged to “League 2 News” and the team page from the League 2 site.